Tracking Dahlusion

Dah’s fourth poetry collection is ‘The Translator’ from ‘Transcendent Zero Press’.
His first three books are from ‘Stillpoint Books’. Dah’s poetry has been published
by editors from the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Canada, China, Philippines, Spain,
Africa, Australia and India. His poems recently appeared in Straylight Magazine,
River & South Review, The Cape Rock, Acumen Journal, Sandy River Review,
Indian River Review and The Linnet’s Wings.

He is the chief editor of ‘The Lounge’, a poetry critique group.

‘Harbinger Asylum Magazine’ has nominated Dah’s poem “Some god”
for the 2017 Pushcart Prize.

Dah’s Essay “Grandmother” was published in Estuary Magazine, Fall 2014

His Essay “Bonnie Parker, Poet”, will be published in The Linnet’s Wings (Ireland)               in the summer issue, 2017


Twitter @dahlusion

Google: “dahlusion” or “Dah Helmer”

13 Responses to Tracking Dahlusion

  1. Diana Bsaker-Vevang says:

    Just an incredible read. Rich, vibrant, emotionally moving, complex and vivid. Fantastic metaphors and imaginative, artful imagery. Softly flowing right to the heart. I loved the poem!

    • Dah says:

      Diana, Thank you, Poet! And I believe that you are referring to the poem,”A Shawl Of Indigo Aura”, from my first book, “In Forbidden Language” ––))

  2. Wow you have one heck of a biography and credits. Wonderful! What an inspiration you are to other writers…So nice to meet you. Look forward to seeing your post on eatsleepwrite

    • Dah says:

      Eva, Thank you for this wonderful cheer, the pleasure is mine, and I am looking forward to exploring the possibilities with ‘eatsleepwrite’.

  3. Kat Ramirez-Evans says:

    Dah, You most likely don’t remember me, but I most definitely remember you. Years ago when I was a young poet, we used to chat with one another on a website called OriginalPoetry. I remember when I spoke to you, You inspired me to never give up on my poetry and always love the things I have created with my own hands whether it be a hearty meal or a poem. You are a inspirations to creators around the world. I thank you so much for this, Dah.

    • Dah says:


      I am honored to hear from you and to know that
      I have, somehow, inspired you to not give up, to “Keep Pushing”.

      To better my memory, what is / was your OP name?

      Looking forward …

  4. Thulani Elvis Mngomezulu says:

    Great work out there. You inspire me. My poem ‘Ghetto Train’ has been published here in Spadina literary Review along with yours. My name is Thulani Elvis Mngomezulu.

    • Dah says:

      Thank you, Thulani. ‘Spadina’ is a fine publication and I’m happy to be in the same
      issue as you. Looking forward to more …

  5. miskail says:

    One word shall summation read: Awesome!

  6. Brilliant Dah, my dear Poetic friend!!! HUGS and Blessings!!! 😊💙

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