Today in the great wind
leaves fly
like quick flocks of red and yellow
and where autumn plasters its fresh ice
shadows are dense fabrics
that hang on the blunt hooks
of walls and streets

Today there is no longer enough room
for the sun to heat up
but always enough puddles for the ice to swell

Today I can see the years-after
with their old stars
where age carries its face like
a worn out word calling ahead of itself
calling in between the disbelief
and the concern over
one eye then two going blind

Today makes no difference
because everything is getting smaller
and sees only the light
that it needs to see
maybe the light rising
or the light setting
or maybe it sees from a third eye
the one that has been the devoted witness
all along

and for those people
in the captivity of prayers
maybe they know more than I and maybe
their hands in prayer
hold all of the directions for the wind to blow
or maybe it’s only one direction
that plays over and over again
that carries everything to the same place

Maybe the captivity of prayer is only
a hand gesture for hope
and maybe hope is nothing more than
the sound of a heart still beating


From my Fourth Book-Length manuscript

©dah / dahlusion 2014
all rights reserved

This poem was first published in ‘Deep Tissue Magazine’
Editor: Martin Leonard Freebase


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"Light is my happiness" Email: "" Google: "dahlusion"
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3 Responses to Captivity

  1. champtong says:

    This poem resounds with the sadness that dwells in all men’s hearts. I like this one a lot.

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