Some god

It would take a miracle
to undo ourselves,
a miracle, not a god,
to transcend the agitation
the dysfunction / the blathering
of sightless faith.

Humanity needs something else
Maybe a mouthful of Belladonna
to scatter its nightshade
throughout our coursing blood
to still the wildness of our nerves
to drown our lungs in dried purple leaves
to drop us, like shipwrecks laid out
along the floor of the sea
ghosts lifting through the mirage
of rescue lights: No Survivors.

The ripened fruit is plentiful
in the orchard of wisdom
and still
most of humanity is like
a bell without a clapper
sort of  pointless and dumb
or like an old wet sponge
swollen and dense
/ only / not with water but / with ignorance

If some god
were to wring us out
and try to remake us
the water would be so russet
so murky and toxic
that some god would say:
and walk away / after tossing the sponge into
some hell.

Then some god
would hide his own failure somewhere
deeply in the sky,
infected water dripping from his hands,
and his dark eyes / themselves / filled with
human turmoil.


from my fourth book, ‘The Translator’ (Transcendent Zero Press)

©dah / dahlusion 2014 / 2015
all rights reserved

“Some god” was first published in ‘Deep Tissue Magazine’
then published again in ‘Harbinger Asylum Magazine’

‘Harbinger Asylum’ has nominated “Some god’ for the 2017 Pushcart Prize


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