About Dah

Born April 7th, 1950 in Herkimer, New York, along the Mohawk River near the foothills
of the Adirondack Mountains and raised in Ilion, New York (just across the river)
Dah has been a resident of Berkeley, California since 1980.

A writer and an award-winning photographer, Dah has been writing for over fifty years
and according to himself, he has not reached the degree of writing that he knows
exists somewhere in his mind.

Dah’s poetry has been published internationally and three of his manuscripts
have been published into books by ‘Stillpoint Books’ (Spokane, Washington) and his fourth book was published in July 2015 by ‘Transcendent Zero Press’ (Houston, Texas)

Since 2013, 180 of Dah’s poems and two essays were published in 80-plus reviews, journals, and magazines by editors from the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Canada, China, Philippines, India, Australia, Africa and Spain.

Much of Dah’s poetry exhibits indelible imagery of nature for which he feels
a mystical connection and his poetry can be beautifully melancholic due to
the gloomy emotional and sorrowful condition of humanity, politics, religion
and the world.

Header Photo of Dah ©Nika 2014 all rights reserved
(taken in the sand dunes, Monterey Bay, California)

Dah’s Books:

• ‘In Forbidden Language’ (Stillpoint Books, 2010)

with an introduction by Eve Costello (Hogard)

Publisher: Eve Costello



• ‘The Second Coming’ (Stillpoint Books, 2012)

with a Foreword by R.H. Peat

Publisher: Eve Costello



• ‘If You Have One Moment’ (Stillpoint Books, 2015)

Publisher: Eve Costello



• ‘The Translator’ (Transcendent Zero Press, 2015)

With a Foreword by poet Elina Petrova

Publisher: Dustin Pickering



Dah’s Photographs:


Twitter @dahlusion


About Dah

"Light is my happiness" Email: "dahlusion@yahoo.com" Google: "dahlusion"
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4 Responses to About Dah

  1. Stephen Godfrfey says:

    Great site Dah, definitely need to look into this. Thanks for inviting us to see and partake, Steve 🙂

  2. David Emmanue says:

    Thank you Dah, knowing you is turning out to be a very rewarding experience. Truly hope I get a chance to reciprocate one day.

    • Dah says:

      David, Thank you, and the feeling is sincerely mutual. I hope to make it to the U.K.
      to meet you, and to meet Paul also. Looking forward … ––))

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