Solo Flight

In this valley of earth
the wind
comes with the same gift
the same solitary wind
that carries
faith without speaking

with the same sightless purity
that sees everything
as it is
that causes the same quiver of branches
that have pulled their skins
out of soil and rocks

The wind’s long horn blows
into this valley’s earthen jug
and applies its wisdom
as thin as
this silver hair that holds the heat
to my bones

this wisdom that assembles and
stirs above me watching and
me standing
in this valley as cold as heaven

where there has always been
and even now a river’s
unsaid oath and lyrics
where birds drop feathers
where birds balance the wind
even in sleep

even when nothing moves
even when knowing that
each feather dropped
can fly


each one
gifted with the wind’s wisdom


This poem was first published in ‘Jellyfish Whispers’

Editor: A.J. Huffman

then published again in ‘Storm Cycle,The Best Of 2014 Poetry’

Editors: A.J. Huffman and April Salanzo

from my Fourth Book-Length manuscript

©dah / dahlusion 2014
all rights reserved


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"Light is my happiness" Email: "" Google: "dahlusion"
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