If You Have One Moment

I am happy to announce the release of my third book:

‘If You Have One Moment’ (2015)

Publisher: Stillpoint Books

Editor: Eve Costello

Excerpt from ‘If You Have One Moment’

“If you have one moment
then you have two then three
climb a tree walk a country path
become intoxicated on
a scented forest pond lake or swamp
walk through the mud of a river bed
barefoot your toes filling with it

I say
joy to the barefoot children
whose worlds are journeys
into magic song and bliss”



About Dah

"Light is my happiness" Email: "dahlusion@yahoo.com" Google: "dahlusion"
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One Response to If You Have One Moment

  1. Wanda Lea Brayton says:

    Yes! Be alive in the now, the only true moment we have. Be a joyous child, exploring everything everywhere, all at once … for all too soon, it all becomes a memory. When I was perhaps 16, I wrote a poem about how we don’t have time, time has us at its mercy – and none of us are guaranteed whatever the average lifespan may be, either. It can all change in a split second.

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