In Forbidden Language

‘In Forbidden Language’ (2010)

Publisher: Stillpoint Books

Editor: Eve Costello

Introduction by Eve Costello

Excerpt from the poem, “The Sea”

Along the shore I chased sandpipers
til they fell into the holes they pecked,
where their eyes caved-in like frightened still-lives,
and salt filled their hunger
(I cried at the sight of decay
before the sea offered it to its drowned,
before I understood: Decay is the sea’s food).


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One Response to In Forbidden Language

  1. Wanda Lea Brayton says:

    If you look at the sand under a microscope, it’s composed of decayed bits of seashells and whatever else winds up on the beach, all of it to be swept beneath the waves, to be polished and torn apart at the same time.

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