I could not sleep
imagining it must be raining
There is darkness inside these clouds

I have come to know this feeling
this obscured emptiness
All night there is nothing
but my breathing
and there is a nebulous death
that happens between breaths

The sky bends around me
touches the trees
and knifes its way between the branches

I stand in the cold air
as a child stands in winter’s whisper
snow angels freshly painted
and pinned to the ground

It seems that there is still
that I need to say
to support this melancholy
to bear witness to the sorrow
the world owns

Could this darkness be a god
that takes me to the other side
where what’s left is
Tonight the moon is unseen by
its own absence

How many more thoughts
must I make
to understand the entire world
to understand the grief of some
the joy of others


This poem was first published in ‘Acumen’ Issue 84 (United Kingdom)

Editor: Patricia Oxley

From my fourth book-length manuscript

©dah / dahlusion 2014
all rights reserved


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