The Translator

I am happy to announce the release of my fourth book: ‘The Translator’

Published by ‘Transcendent Zero Press’ (Houston Texas)

Publisher: Dustin Pickering

With a Foreword by Elina Petrova

A poem from ‘The Translator’


A lifeless body of newsprint
is given soul
by a night-wind’s updraft
a single abandoned wing
black and white feathers

Moonlight, streetlight,

a lit joint, a long drag


Smoke expelled from my mouth
becomes the skin of a ghost or swirling
white cursive over black vellum

The ash floats to the ground
radiates in the moonlight
a dry river covered in snow

Memories are pulled along
like an old red wagon
the rusted axles of life

I drag again and the ghost reappears
clings to the edge of my lips

Releases Floats

The sacredness of this mundane moment
between myself
and this nocturnal crevice
The cleverness of gravity
pulling the ash to the ground

and me in my nightly structure
of solitaire, all cards played out
A lexicon of harlequin thoughts
like fireworks in my head

I drag again only to have
the recurring ghost as company


©dah / dahlusion / Transcendent Zero Press 2015
all rights reserved


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"Light is my happiness" Email: "" Google: "dahlusion"
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One Response to The Translator

  1. Wanda Lea Brayton says:

    Please, Sir, I’d like some more.

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