The Translator (reviewed)

‘The Translator’ (Transcendent Zero Press)

Reviewed by Lyn Asmar

for the Australian magazine ‘Esoteric Meditation’ (September 2015)

The Translator reviewed in Esoteric Magazine

The author of three previous collections of poetry, Dah lives in Berkeley, California and has just published his fourth collection of poems with a unique title of ‘The Translator.’

For the past fifteen years Dah has been teaching ‘Chakra Four Yoga’ to children and adults and I feel that this has given him the sensitivity to write about the more subtle influences of life that are so much a part of his poetry. In other instances, that sensitivity becomes submerged; gets whisked away as the emotions become agitated by the prevailing elemental pressures.

“The wind is a glass shard ripping the air, cutting the weak light. Cruel, Unfeeling.”

Only one who has seen the wind can write of such things.

His search for the meaning of life, fueled by the thoughts that fill the pages of this current book, grasps like dying fingers for understanding before the end. He takes the reader with him, constantly examining the different threads that make up the tapestry of life. I’m sure he has heard the colors of the universe but his word-paintings are filled with grey melancholy. Sometimes stark. Sometimes provocative. Pushing the reader to question life in every poem.

No aspect of life remains uncovered but is brutally ripped apart by his pen as he challenges the reader to wonder, what is this life all about? Surely there is more to this reality. I see hope peeking out from between certain lines only to become submerged as the Earth plane phase of transient existence demands consideration. The poignant message of ‘The Translator’ is that of the dying current age.

I would imagine hope will appear more often in Dah’s forthcoming poems as we move into the New Age. A provocative read for those travelling the Path.

Lyn Asmar, ‘The Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics’

Dah’s book is available at

Search: “the translator/dah”


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