A Longer Journey

Makers of eternity

thunder and fear, I bring this

offering, my used soul,

in return for a length of life

longer than eternal,

a slash of lightning to break the dark,

sunbeams, a stillness that moves me.


This thin air, this breath,

a momentary escape, here, forsaken

and twisted, rotted like an old storm,

caught in death’s drift, hardened

by an acrid drip of ice.


If I could break myself, these habits,

these scattered moments. If I could cut

like heat through the final ice, melt,

spill, ooze, discharge a living hiss,

some eternal life.


I rush to you this offer,

crash into time, carry wind

in my lungs, waves of blood,

drums in my heart, I rush

and pass faster into this growth

of hollow space, a cold dull gasp,

lips mute, eyes dumb.


Do not sever this hope from me,

do not break me here on earth,

a longer journey, a longer journey,

good fortune, good luck,

a shot in the dark, more hours

on the clock, a longer journey.


Gods of eternity

thunder and fear I bring this

offering, my used soul, broken,

dismantled. This is all I have

and you have so much.


from my sixth book-length manuscript

©dah / dahlusion 2015   all rights reserved

“A Longer Journey” was first published in

‘The Linnet’s Wings’ (Ireland)

Publisher: Marie Fitzpatrick



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"Light is my happiness" Email: "dahlusion@yahoo.com" Google: "dahlusion"
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