Strong and Black At Four AM

For me, as a writer, the hours between 4:AM and 7:AM
are of transcendental significance and there’s nothing
like a mug of strong black French roast to get the creative
juices erupting with spine tingling zest.

At this time of the day our subconscious receptors are
at their most sensitive and responsive to incoming universal
information with details that are raw and alive, stimulating
our perceptions and conceptions.

Keep in mind that Space, the largest organism in the universe,
is nothing more than a massive mind in which all of us are
one part of the whole, one part of the omnipresent thinking,
the omnipresent stimulus, one part of the creative energy,

which means all of us are of equal potency, of equal
innovative power and it’s only the walls and blocks
that we [and others] construct around our minds
that keep us limited and contracted in our imagination’s freedom.

Imagination is the most creative force in the universe.


©dah / dahlusion 2016

all rights reserved

Constructive feedback, welcome


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