To those who forgive me

I loathe you

for you are weak


your voices are not worthy

you spineless living

dead things

worthless as dumb dogs


If not incarcerated

I would do it again

would squeeze everything

out of you








your life


No do not say you forgive me

you are not gods

You have no power to forgive

you are impotent


After I vanish

I will haunt you to your deaths

and there

I will be waiting

to squeeze the light from your soul

until nothing but darkness


from my sixth book-length manuscript

©dah / dahlusion 2015

all rights reserved

“Dictator” was first published in

‘The Recusant’ (U.K.)





About Dah

"Light is my happiness" Email: "dahlusion@yahoo.com" Google: "dahlusion"
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