Wings Flying Sails

Yuba has wings

stone constellations

ripples that move

toward language


Starlings flying

rock to rock

keep their eyes

on the river


Against dawn


small clouds behind fir


A King Heron

resounds like bagpipes

then fills the air

with feathery sails



a morning bubble

lifted by a breezy hand


I lift a coffee

to my lips

a trout leaps

for a moth


from my sixth book-length manuscript

©dah / dahlusion 2015 all rights reserved

“Wings Flying Sails” was first published in

‘The Galway Review’  (Ireland)




About Dah

"Light is my happiness" Email: "" Google: "dahlusion"
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One Response to Wings Flying Sails

  1. Dah says:

    “Yuba” takes place at the North Yuba River, Indian Valley, California

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