Reviews of “Runaway”

A review of “Runaway” (in Verse-Virtual)

By Alan Walowitz

Dah—he goes by one name—contributes Runaway
to the June issue of V-V. This is a closely observed
and terribly sad rendering of a scene in
downtown Santa Cruz.

It’s a tribe and the individuals have each other, if little else.
At the same time as Dah creates a portrait of this group,
he also manages to focus on some of the individuals
who comprise it.

It’s almost filmic the way he moves from the establishing shot
“. . . like injured pigeons/wingless and grounded”
to a medium shot, to a series of close ups on a teenage girl,
and “a beaten and bruised boy,” and “the Alpha male.”

Dah gives us no false hopes for these children’s “derailed lives.”
Just to be reminded that they are children is enough
to break our hearts.




By Michael Minassian:


By Michael Minassian:

Another newcomer to V-V is Dah.
His poem “Runaway” is a sharply observed
description of a tribe (no better word
comes to mind) of runaway youth
on the streets of Santa Cruz who:

“drift along uniformed streets
or sit in doorways, like injured pigeons
wingless and grounded”

He goes on to describe in painful detail
some of the street kids:

“A teenage girl
in shabby clothes…
dirty brown hair knotted, clumped.
She exists as a dry well.

A beaten and bruised boy
of fourteen
assorted purple scars
across his impassive face”


“The Alpha male
a gruff tattooed boy
… catcalling
at women passing by,
his explosive arrogance
unapproachable as landmines”

Yet the speaker shows his understanding
and compassion for the subjects of his poem.
These are the underclass from whom we avert
our gaze, the abused, abandoned, ignored and forgotten.
What does it say about our society that we
so casually take them and our indifference
for granted?

“And each hour
these children grow older
into their derailed lives,
grow older against the unspeakable
of what made them run”.

“These children” indeed. They are our children.


“Runaway” was first published in ‘Chicago Record Magazine’




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