Born April 7th 1950, in Herkimer, New York and raised in Ilion, New York, along the Mohawk River, Dah has been a resident of Berkeley, California since 1980. Besides being a prolific writer, he is yoga teacher and an award-winning photographer.

Much of Dah’s poetry exhibits indelible imagery of nature for which he is deeply connected to, and, at times, his poetry can be beautifully melancholic, due to the gloomy emotionally and spiritually depleted conditions of humanity, politics, and religion.

To date, 407 of Dah’s poems and two essays have been published in 100-plus reviews, journals, magazines and books.

Header Photo of Dah ©Nika 2014 all rights reserved
(taken in the sand dunes, Monterey Bay, California)

In Chronological Order, Dah’s Books:

In Forbidden Language (Stillpoint Books, 2010)

with an introduction by Eve Costello (Hogard)

Publisher: Eve Costello


The Second Coming (Stillpoint Books, 2012)

with a Foreword by R.H. Peat

Publisher: Eve Costello


If You Have One Moment (Stillpoint Books, 2015)

Publisher: Eve Costello


The Translator (Transcendent Zero Press, 2015)

With a Foreword by Elina Petrova

Publisher: Dustin Pickering


Say This In A Whisper (Red Wolf Editions, 2017)

This is a free ebook download

Publisher: Irene Toh


The Opening (CTU Publishing Group, 2018)

With a Foreword by Brenda-Lee Ranta

Publisher: Raja Williams



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About Dah

"Light is my happiness" Email: "" Google: "dahlusion"
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