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Something Else’s Thoughts

I first met Dah in 1998 when he was expressing himself in photographic images that were poetic, mysterious, erotic, and dreamy. These images are of concrete things, like Venetian masks, women and seascapes, that reveal abstract ideas moving between dreaming … Continue reading

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Interviewed for Duane’s PoeTree Journal.

Interviewed by Publisher Duane Vorhees, Ph. D. DV: How did you decide to be a poet? Dah: Ah, good question! I don’t remember making an active decision to become a poet, or making decisions about it at all. My memory … Continue reading

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Review of the poem, “Faulty”

Review of the poem, “Faulty” by the editor of Bees Are Dead Press, UK Dah’s “Faulty” is a pensive and self-reflecting piece that paints the sky a tumbling Apocalyptic -grey whilst the subject ruminates upon their melancholic Weltzschmerz. A beautifully … Continue reading

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The Opening

I am happy to announce the release of my sixth book, The Opening, published by CTU Publishing Group, 2018. Publisher: Raja Williams   As a follow up to his fourth book, The Translator, Dah’s sixth book, The Opening, displays the … Continue reading

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Interview: Oyster River Pages

OYSTER RIVER PAGES Magazine interviewed DAH on April 17, 2018 Oyster River Pages: Who are the writers who have made you who you are?  Dah Helmer: All of the 20th Century European Surrealist writers/artists along with Walt Whitman and Arthur Rimbaud. … Continue reading

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Say This In A Whisper

Dah’s words are highly recommended portents of laughter, conduits of power, love, grace, rebellion, acceptance, fortitude, genuine sensuality, beautiful sorrow,forthrightness, intelligence, wit, heart-wrenchingly truthful and delicate musings upon the human condition (such as it is), generous contemplations upon our frailties … Continue reading

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Bonnie Parker, Poet

(This essay was first published in ‘The Linnet’s Wings’, Ireland, 2017)   Besides being one of America’s iconic outlaws, Bonnie Parker was first and foremost an aspiring poet with dreams of being published and famous. Her delivery of story-telling poems … Continue reading

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